Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Unloved Soul

Let me ask you a question.... Do you know what Love is?
I bet whoever is reading this is saying yeah I do. That's an easy question to answer.
Well let me tell you... you have know idea what love is until you have felt unloved. The whole meaning of the word love is to feel welcomed and wanted by others. We I know what unloved feels like. I know why I can be anti-social and appear to be crazy and needy. We its what an unloved person will do throughout his or her life. They will search for the true meaning of a place where they can give and receive their understanding of love.
Love is not just an emotion, but a place of being. Being loved causes you to have the emotional connection to a person. It gives you a feeling of belonging to the place and time that you are in. Most people have know idea that they make a person feel unwanted or unloved. It is a cycle that is vicious in nature and by design causes many people to not want to be around. Loners are created from this feeling.
Before you judge someone or say that they are a recluse or anti-social. Look at what you have done to make them that way. Or What others have done in their life to make them feel as if they are not wanted, or shut away from society. Look within yourself and ask...where did the path lead this person to feelings of lonliness and searching for love. It is a horrible thing to do to someone, so think before you do something to them.