Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Never Letting them See you Sweet

Ha Ha HA, I will laugh about this some time later but have you ever noticed that in your life you have soo much going on that you never stop to smell the roses. I recently noticed that because of all the things that I do I am constantly moving and not really stopping enough to do some reconnecting or socializing.
I think this is because we are trained to just keep going and going. We are like tohe energizer bunny. We just do and sometimes forget to think.

Ok on to the topic: I chose this as the topic for my post because I have this feeling of being an outcast sometimes which is not true. But when you are just and average person you forget yourself and with draw into your cacoon, and stay protective. We never want people to see who we are and our real selves. From the reflection that we see in the mirror we sometimes might ask ourselves is this who I am, or is this who people see that I am? I often wonder is it truly me that people see or is it a mask that I wear. Coming soon the mask....